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Microsoft combine services for business friendly 365 package


Microsoft are bidding to get businesses to upgrade to its latest software with a new-look 365 package when it is released at the beginning of August. Microsoft is encouraging its users to upgrade to Windows 10 by including a range of products in its latest incarnation of 365. In a move that should be a real hit with businesses, the new edition of 365 is the most complete version of the product. Microsoft 365 will feature Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, available for a monthly per-user fee.

By bundling its products into one package, Microsoft have made it easier for large and small businesses to both manage and pay for the software. The move also pushes users to upgrade to the latest versions of Office and Windows, doing so on a subscription basis, which ensures the customer will always have the newest software at their disposal – something Microsoft have made an effort to do in recent years.

Both Microsoft 365 Business, aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, and Microsoft 365 Enterprise, targeting larger organisations, will be the most complete 365 packages and another sign that Microsoft isn’t underestimating the importance of its business-based users.

Microsoft 365 Business: Catering for up to 300 users, this package features everything you’d expect; Windows, Office and the usual security tools. The new bundle will also now include Microsoft’s mileage tracking app, Mile IQ, as well as previews of upcoming apps: Listings, Connections and Invoicing.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise: Available in two versions, E3 and E5, Microsoft 365 Enterprise is aimed at larger organisations. The E3 version comes with Office, Outlook and Exchange, Teams, Skype for Business, SharePoint, Yammer and the threat protection system, as well as a detailed analytics and management software. The E5 package, meanwhile, adds further analytics and compliance tools, PSTN Conferencing and Cloud PBX, as well as Microsoft’s advanced security tools.

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