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Is your business ready for major data law change in 2018?


An estimated 3 out of 4 businesses based in Hertfordshire are not ready for a major change in the law regarding the storage and protection of private data.

The General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR – starts in May 2018. And it carries huge fines for companies that break the rules.

“Businesses can be fined up to 4% of their turnover,” explained I.T expert Darren Billinghurst, Managing Director of local outsourced and managed IT support services provider – Konnetix.

“This new law starts in May 2018. The majority of businesses locally don’t even know about the change; never mind being prepared for it.”

GDPR will force most businesses to rethink how they treat private data.

There are four areas businesses must comply with:

  1. The definition of private data will be expanded to include anything could identify an individual, which affects marketing and advertising campaigns


  1. People will have the right to see all data held about them, and sometimes ask for it to be deleted


  1. Businesses must be more proactive in protecting data, and tell people within 72 hours if their data is lost


  1. Businesses that share data with other firms (i.e. suppliers) must ensure they also have appropriate safeguards.

The government has confirmed that GDPR will apply regardless of what is happening with Brexit in May 2018.

Mr Billinghurst added: “For most businesses, this means conducting a comprehensive data audit to see what data they have and where it’s being stored. With a majority of businesses holding financial and personal data of staff and clients – it is essential that businesses have an adequate and secure I.T system in place.”

Hertfordshire businesses can contact Konnetix for I.T consultancy services. Our I.T experts will provide you with a comprehensive review of your operational systems, data storage, disaster recovery plans and recommendations to keep your business systems optimal, relative and legal.

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With legal regulations regarding the GDPR set in place, it’s not something that business owners can be put off till May; it needs to be addressed now.

Notes for editors

  • Darren Billinghurst is available for further information and interview, on 01462.417070