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Offsite Backup

It is estimated that year-on-year business growth results in a 30% increase in the data that is generated. Konnetix off site cloud backup solutions are secure and reliable. You can control the frequency and type of storage required.

Fast Recovery

In the event of a disaster, cloud solutions provide one of the most rapid and effective ways to restore your data. You may already use tape or disk backup, but having your data offsite with a trusted third party is a proven solution to safeguarding vital information.

Cost Effective

Did you know that It is estimated that year-on-year business growth results in a 30% increase in the data that is generated. There is no capital outlay on hardware and you only pay for the data that you store offsite, Konnetix are cost effective, secure and reliable.

Reduces workload

Traditional methods require manual backups or copies to be made which takes up storage space. The Cloud backup is a high-storage-capacity, highly-automated process that can be monitored and managed on demand remotely from any location in the world with ease.


Your data is physically secure against damage, and the data is transmitted securely using advanced encryption tools. Access is managed through user authentication.

Quick to restore

Login through your provided software, identify the files you need, and then simply download them. Alternatively, if you are a managed service client with Konnetix, just contact the team to help with restoration.

Disaster Recovery

Keeping your data offsite in the cloud ensures you meet your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and limit losses. In a service-delivery orientated business, the cost of downtime can escalate quickly.

Any IT failures that are causing disruption to your usual business operations are classified as an emergency. Following a phone conversation, Konnetix will deploy a technician, whether they are required on-site or can fix your IT emergency remotely.

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Offsite Backups

The Ins & Outs

There are many advantages to using cloud backups over traditional tape systems, however, Konnetix ensure that your current infrastructure is suitable for the cloud. This includes analysing or upgrading your existing data caps and download speeds. If large amounts of data are being transferred on a regular basis, a LAN connection will result in faster data transfer rates than an internet connection from your ISP.

A typical offsite backup includes a WAN connection via an ISP into the cloud storage. However, if your company has multiple branches, it may be quicker and more cost effective to transfer backups to a single office, also using a WAN.

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