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Emergency IT Support

Whether you’re a client or not, if you’re having an IT emergency - give us a call.

Unplanned downtime can be devastating to your business and its productivity. Konnetix are a responsive IT company with the specialist resources at hand to provide fully-qualified technicians to solve your IT emergency.


An IT emergency could be:

Data Loss

Hardware Failure

Security Breach

Network Connectivity failure

Server failure

Any IT failures that are causing disruption to your usual business operations are classified as an emergency. Following a phone conversation, Konnetix will deploy a technician, whether they are required on-site or can fix your IT emergency remotely.

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Specialising in professional service organisations: Accounting, recruitment, legal, consulting, architecture and engineering
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Disaster Recovery With Konnetix

If you choose to work with Konnetix for your Disaster Recovery planning, we can include the following:

Experienced Team

Your IT technician has experience dealing with a wide range of IT problems & will work to resolve your issues quickly & efficiently.

Transparent Pricing

A fixed-point cost or clear hourly rate will be agreed before a technician starts working on recovering your data.

Rapid response

Based in Hertfordshire, Konnetix can deploy technicians quickly, maintaining their impressive ultra-fast response rates.

We Specialise in

Some of our other services on offer

IT Support

With over 50 years’ combined industry experience, you can trust Konnetix to help you with your managed IT support.



As your chosen telecoms partner, we will develop and tailor a unique solution to combine both your IT and telecoms’ needs.


Security Solutions

Konnetix provide business IT security for networks, servers and users. This is achieved by using industry-leading technology.


Automated Backups

Using our automated, online back-up solution, your business will continue to function in the event of any unexpected problems.