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Data Replication

Using a cloud-hosted application supports key business needs such as operational effectiveness, cost-efficiency and business expansion. As your data is being created, it is instantaneously copied to one or more places. Konnetix deliver data replication services that reduce data latency and maintain the data-related needs of your business.

Advantages Of Data Replication

Replicate your data easily and in real-time

Reliable Support for any size data set

Use your existing business hardware, software and network

Integrate and robust support for any platform

Business continuity and rapid recovery

Rely on failover execution within minutes

Who Needs Real-time Replication Software?

Companies of all sizes and in all industries. The most common use cases include, hybrid cloud computing, geographic distribution, data integration, real-time analytics and database and application migrations.

An important part of your company’s recovery strategy is identifying how to keep business-critical workloads and applications running when a planned or unplanned outage occurs.

By choosing replication, failover, and recovery of workloads and applications so that they will all be available and ready to use if your primary business location goes down.

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Specialising in professional service organisations: Accounting, recruitment, legal, consulting, architecture and engineering
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Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

Konnetix work with you to determine the right data replication services that are appropriate for your business’ size, industry, operational requirements and disaster recovery plan. Working with Konnetix, in the event of an outage, you will benefit from our RTO of typically less than one hour, and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of up to the last transaction.

Key Features Of Data Replication

Key Feature
Scheduled data transfer
Key Feature
Dedicated storage options
Key Feature
Volume level mirroring
Key Feature
Rapid scalability

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