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Broadband & Lease Lines

Here at Konnetix, we provide integrated connectivity solutions that are completely tailored to your business connectivity and telephony requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a simple Business Broadband connection or a more secure, private Lease Line, our team are here to advise on the best data connectivity solution for your business.

As a partner of Daisy Communications we’re above to provide communications and cloud services to UK businesses of all shapes and sizes. From offering complete responsibility for your connection to the world wide web to making sure you’re on the right deal, we have your best interests at heart.


Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. This is a simple and affordable solution for smaller businesses as it’s an upgrade on your traditional telephone line, offering speeds of up to 24Mbps. ADSL can also provide a solution for your staff when they are working from home, or need a dedicated VoIP line.


Ethernet in the First Mile. For organisations with 20+ users or where a poor ADSL line exists, this is a cost-effective solution with a guaranteed bandwidth and future expansion capabilities. With symmetrical speeds for uploads and downloads, EFM is a resilient business solution.

Lease Lines

If your business needs a tough, resilient internet connection, this is the solution for you. These can be bought at speeds of 10Mbps, 1000Mbps or even 10,000 Mbps. There’s no slowing down at peak times, it is more reliable, and at Konnetix you will receive business-class support.

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Specialising in professional service organisations: Accounting, recruitment, legal, consulting, architecture and engineering
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Konnetix provide fast, innovative and robust solutions for your business, working with you to determine connectivity for now and in the future.

If your internet speeds are slowing down your staff, or you are suffering downtime with your current connection, speak to a member of our connectivity team today for a Business Broadband fit for purpose – 01462 417 070

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Some of our other services on offer

IT Support

With over 50 years’ combined industry experience, you can trust Konnetix to help you with your managed IT support.



As your chosen telecoms partner, we will develop and tailor a unique solution to combine both your IT and telecoms’ needs.


Security Solutions

Konnetix provide business IT security for networks, servers and users. This is achieved by using industry-leading technology.


Automated Backups

Using our automated, online back-up solution, your business will continue to function in the event of any unexpected problems.