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There has been a significant change in how people use technology when going about their daily business, with smartphones and wearable devices used to do everything from paying bills to hailing taxis. The innovations made in technology used in our personal lives are becoming increasingly used in our careers, with people now demanding more control over their work than ever before.

As well as understanding the flexibility requirements of the modern workforce, companies also now know they need to be creating new methods of attracting and retaining clients to their business. It’s the same when it comes to keeping staff happy, and staying at the forefront of the industry is essential to motivating and maintaining a workforce.

Here are some of the top tech trends of 2016 that businesses need to consider and prepare for.

Working from wherever, whenever

The fact is that less and less people actually attend work in a physical sense. As staff put in longer and longer hours, the office or studio is no longer viewed as their only ‘workplace’. The progress made in technology means we now have the ability to work from anywhere at any time, whether it’s at home, in a hotel, at the airport, in a coffee shop or while you’re getting your car cleaned.
This need for flexibility has seen a number of new technologies strengthen and enter the market, with the likes of VoIP meaning workers can technically be ‘in the office’ while working from a different location. And with mobile computing, users can now access a virtual workspace from the major mobile device operating systems, enjoying quality experiences regardless of the device used. Internet speeds have been fundamental to this upsurge in demand.

The move to smart tech

One of the most dramatic innovations in recent years has been the introduction of smart machines and their role in business. While traditional robots have been used for decades in the manufacturing sector, other industries have begun to use more innovative technology themselves over the past decade.


From self-service check-outs in supermarkets to voice-recognition menu systems on smartphones, it’s looking increasingly likely that call centres and customer support systems could soon be run more by computers. While you shouldn’t expect robots to replace humans just yet, we are seeing more smart technology being used in every-day business.

Linking your screens together

With workers now spending longer hours looking at their computer screens, businesses are looking to improve how work devices communicate with each other. This ‘cross-platform’ integration has been helped with the release of Microsoft’s latest update for Windows 10.
Allowing different devices on the same network to stream the same program across multiple screens, Windows 10 has now become something your business really can’t do without in 2016. From its cross-platform integration to the countless business-focused features on Windows 10, we’re seeing more focus from Microsoft staying at the forefront of the changing pace of the workplace.Intellectual Security

You wouldn’t leave the office doors unlocked overnight, but many businesses have not invested meaningfully in their digital security.
Following the rush to take on and pioneer the latest technology to make your business leaner, faster and more efficient, security is often an afterthought. However, we predict that 2016 will be the year everyone wakes up to the reality of security breaches.

Mobile Cloud Computing

We can expect Mobile Cloud Computing to become the real dominant force in mobile initiatives and productivity enhancement in 2016. As businesses look to provide their staff with real-time access to company systems from remote locations on different devices, data storage will be removed from traditional computers and saved by cloud providers.

As well as the various benefits cloud storage brings in terms of flexibility, multiple platforms and availability, the cost associated with mobile cloud computing from the initial switch to maintenance makes it a valuable and affordable tool for even small businesses.

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