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Introduction to Outsourced IT

If you’re running a growing business, it is likely that IT – your hardware and software – will have been a key part of your day-to-day business operations.

As a small business with a small number of devices, your IT requirements will have been straightforward, and you will have been able to focus on delivering products and services to your customers.

In our experience, as a business grows, and more staff and devices are added, new IT challenges arise. Data security, backups and shared drives, for example.

For many growing businesses, the time comes when your IT needs will be better serviced by an IT support company, rather than trying to do it all in-house.

Outsourcing IT can save you time, money and improve the quality of the products and/or services that you provide to your customers.

If you’re new to IT outsourcing, why not spend an hour with Konnetix Director, Darren Billinghurst, to learn what it’s all about.

Darren will share as much experience as he can about IT outsourcing – boosting your knowledge, and helping you to make a fully informed decision about what is right for your business.

Contact us today to arrange your ‘Introduction to Outsourced IT’ meeting.

Please note that this is a free service and there is no obligation whatsoever to buy our services.

Switch And Save

The IT support market is a highly competitive place. New solutions are continually being released, prices are changing, and the market as a whole is evolving rapidly.

There are some fantastic IT outsourcing firms out there, doing a great job for their clients. However, in our experience, there are a lot of firms that could be doing a better job.

We find that business owners often take a “better the devil you know” approach – putting up with annoyances and frustrations, because the perceived cost and risk of switching supplier is too high.

At Konnetix, we say it doesn’t have to be this way! If you’re open to the possibility of switching supplier, there are many benefits to be had, including:

  • Saving money
  • Getting faster issue resolution
  • Taking advantage of latest technology
Nowadays, switching supplier can be very straightforward:

“R H Logistics had the task of outsourcing our I.T. infrastructure and needed to upgrade our server room and all its servers in one go… we experienced poor service from our last I.T. staff… WOW what a difference… over one weekend Konnetix installed a whole new server room including switches, servers, back-up drives, cabinet, all new patch cables, and it even looks great… just perfection!”

If you would like to learn more about what could be possible in your business, then contact us to arrange a ‘Switch and Save Meeting’ with our Director, Darren Billinghurst.
Darren will spend an hour with you, reviewing your current setup and explain where you could save money, time and improve the quality of your IT infrastructure.
Please note that this is a free service and there is no obligation whatsoever to buy our services.

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