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Security solutions

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Security Solutions

Konnetix provide business IT security for networks, servers and users.

This is achieved by using industry-leading technology to ensure the security of your servers, networks, and end user equipment; such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and PCs.

As many businesses allow employees to bring their own computing devices to work, effective security is vital to maintain confidentiality, reduce risk, and manage data protection.  

Start protecting your business today

You will have control over the settings, configurations, and policies implemented on all end user devices. The protection provided to end users includes, but is not limited to:

Protecting against threats to PCs and laptops, the software will provide essential protection for each end user device, from any location.

Mobile devices
The ultimate solution for a BYOD working environment. Keep security tight and manage individual devices with ease.

Whether a device is stolen, lost, or tampered with, the encryption software will eliminate the risk of data loss or malicious damage.
Wi-Fi security
Create a safe and easy to manage wireless network. Prevent unauthorised access or damage to devices by securing your network from intruders.

Unified threat management
The ultimate primary network gateway defence solution for organisations. UTM is an all-inclusive security product that can perform numerous security functions within one single system.

Secure your business’ internet connection to guarantee that the data being shared and received is encrypted and secured against intruders or hackers.
Work with Konnetix for powerful antivirus protection to keep your servers running even in the most tough business IT environments.

Providing the ultimate security solution for your storage systems. Running high-tech antivirus solutions that will not impact the speed or performance of your system’s storage.

Instant management
Through online management your server can be secured and locked down with just one click. Preventing in-memory attacks and make ongoing maintenance and change management simple and secure.

Virtual security
Whether you have a physical or virtual server, Konnetix can perform efficient malware scanning and real-time threat protection.

Security threats are serious. Malware, spam and hackers can cause business-threatening damage; costing you time, money and the ability to generate future revenue. Konnetix work closely with your business to determine your security needs and reduce risks to your business by protecting your PCs, network, emails, mobile devices and file server.