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IT consultancy services

Professional consultancy services tailored to your needs, now and in the future

IT Consultancy Services

Your IT investments should work hard for your business and help you attain the highest ROI possible, this is why Konnetix deliver tailored consultancy services. There’s no mileage for your business in spending time and resources on ‘off the shelf’ solutions that aren’t tailored to your business' requirements.

Konnetix IT Consultancy service

1. Thorough analysis of your IT infrastructure

2. Identifying which IT solutions are available in the marketplace

3. Selecting the most suitable software solutions and system providers

4. A Konnetix project manager will oversee the implementation of new systems

5. Work with you to develop effective IT policies and procedures

6. Deliver on-going IT development, support, and maintenance of your systems

Strategic IT Consultancy

As technology rapidly evolves, and its benefits sit at the core of most business activity, in-house teams are under increasing pressure to introduce and make the most of the latest technology. Strategic IT consultancy at Konnetix uses a combined 50 years’ of experience across  multiple industries to deliver raw insights into your business.

Working closely with you, Konnetix will work to increase efficiency, reduce costs and maximise your investment.

Using state-of-the-art project management tools, Konnetix IT Consultants ensure that the right solutions are implemented properly, and then track and monitor the progress. Working with you from business conception through to delivering enterprise-level solutions.

IT Director

This provides businesses with their own outsourced IT Director to help small and medium-sized businesses implement the right services and solutions to transform their organisation and put them ahead of their competitors. Your Konnetix IT Director will ensure there is a strategic alignment between your business needs and current IT infrastructure; providing unbiased opinions and suggestions for future improvement,  becoming  a dedicated resource that will engage with your team at all levels from operational teams to senior management.

1. Auditing your existing IT infrastructure and producing reports

2. Preparing your organisation’s IT strategy

3. Working with third party suppliers

4. Researching appropriate technologies and providing reports

5. Attending management meetings

6. On-going 24/7 support