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How upgrading your IT Systems could increase efficiency & staff productivity

The start of a new year is a great time to assess and plan for the next 12 months. There will be a number of aspects businesses will attempt to improve at the start of the year; from staff productivity to technology systems and, ultimately, increasing profits. While there are steps businesses can take in a bid to solve each individual problem, we’ve seen time and again that often the answer can be found in updating a company’s IT system.

Staff Productivity –  Having slow and dated IT technology will not only restrict your staff when it comes to their work-rate, it will also frustrate and demotivate them, not to mention take their focus away from their actual job.

Restricting Downtime – By upgrading your IT systems, you will reduce the chances of any infrastructure downtime as a result of aging or unmaintained equipment. A system fault could prove costly to a business; both in terms of financially with lost trade as well as in reputation.

Increased Profits – With staff able to work quicker and more efficiently, and without the risk of a regular system failure, businesses will be able to run smoothly, which in turn will increase profits.

Where we come in

The team here at Konnetix are able to provide a full and comprehensive analysis of your current IT systems, working with you and your budget to decide where you should be upgrading and the benefits this would bring your business. Throughout this analysis stage, we will put together a plan based on budget, expected updates and improvements, management options and the potential growth of infrastructure.

Experts in our field and boasting a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, Konnetix will work with you to provide a plan that not only gets the most out of your system, but does it at a price you can afford. By analysing your current system, we will then be able to project what will need to be spent on IT provisions, and how it will be spent. This ensures there are no surprises at the end of the month, allowing you to budget accordingly. Any IT spend will be predictable, manageable and, more importantly, aimed solely helping your business grow and your staff perform at their best.

Ongoing Care

Our Hertfordshire-based Remote Monitoring and Management System and help desk will provide you with peace of mind knowing our expert technicians are keeping a close eye on the performance of both your network and hardware. Should any issue arise, our technicians will be able to remotely resolve the problem before they lead to any system downtime that would cost your business lost trade.

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