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Microsoft Office 2016 | What you need to know

There is always a fair amount of excitement whenever a new version of Microsoft Office comes out, and the latest instalment – Office 2016 – has more than lived up to the hype.

Working with Windows 10, Office 2016 has seen improvements in the most popular apps; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Publisher. So, if you’ve been putting off upgrading, here’s what can be expected from Microsoft Office 2016.

Remote working

Microsoft developed Windows 10 with multiple devices in mind, and that theme has continued with the latest Office update. As well as being compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, Xbox, and Office 365, users can now share Office across multiple devices for the first time. Thanks to OneDrive upgrades, you can now start writing a report on your desktop in the day and then finish it off on your laptop in the evening.

Same document, different time zone

Another impressive feature of Office 2016 is the ability to work on the same document as your colleagues whether they are in the office or not. Documents can be edited and worked on from a variety of devices, regardless of a user’s physical location. This real-time collaboration is possible because files are saved in OneDrive – Microsoft’s cloud.

Sharing has never been easier

When working on a document, users have the option to instantly share that information by simply entering the name of the contact they wish to share it with. And with the extra ability to check and review who is working on a single document, you can easily manage tasks using Office 2016.

Tidy up your inbox

Outlook 2016 sends instant notifications. This helps users to effectively monitor and manage the flow of emails to their inbox. And with low-priority mail removed automatically, your inbox won’t become full of spam emails.

Skyping for Business

The arrival of Skype for Business has been one of the real stand-out features of Office 2016. The built-in system allows you to communicate instantly with colleagues working on the same document. Skype for Business means when you’re editing a document at the same time as colleagues at a different location, you can instant message, make voice and video calls or hold online meetings from within that document.

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