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Microsoft Azure is a collection of integrated cloud services that work to help businesses move faster, achieve more and save money. Cloud platforms are available from a huge range of vendors, including IBM, Google and Amazon, but Microsoft Azure is leading the way for organisations.

Businesses who have built their operations around Windows, this Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution, is the one they will want to use.

Microsoft Azure Overview

Microsoft Azure Business Benefits

Data insights

The Microsoft Azure HDinsight service is an extremely powerful tool capable of handling and analysing an unlimited amount of data at any given time. The user-friendly integration of Excel delivers a new way of presenting data to ensure business decisions can be made quickly, and based on insightful information.

Scheduling and automation

With recurring schedules, workflows, monitoring and maintenance, Azure Automation and scheduling eliminates time spent on managing resources held in the cloud, and gives users the ability to create actions that call HTTP or HTTPS endpoints or post messages to a storage queue for long-term projects or offline jobs.

Secure and reliable backups

Azure offers a 99.9% guarantee on the availability of backups when using the cloud-based system. It backs up six copies of your data and information and holds that across two different data centres. If something does go wrong and you have to recover data that’s been lost, Azure makes this quick and easy through its powerful Site Recovery system.

Competitive pricing

Through distributors and direct sales, Microsoft have managed to pass on volume discounts to customers. Azure also works on a pay-as-you-go basis, which reduces the upfront costs to businesses, as well as being able to secure additional discounts when signing a contract.


We understand that it can be very difficult to predict how a business is likely to grow, and therefore manage the resources that support that growth. There are many ‘solutions’ available that simply cannot scale quickly enough and are not responsive to bursts in growth. Azure has been developed with this need in mind, and effectively scales by loading your applications as a cluster that allocates a web application to a specific set of processes. This means you will never run out of server capacity, as your applications are running off multiple servers.


If you are already a Microsoft user, Azure seamlessly integrates data with SaaS and PaaS offerings. To enable businesses to do more with their ERP, CRM and data management in a faster more reliable way, the Azure package includes Active Directory, PowerShell, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamic Solutions, Visual Studio, Dynamics ERP and many more.

If your business isn’t using Microsoft, there are a growing number of solutions for SAP, Oracle EBS and through other technology suppliers.

What do you think?

If you are thinking about taking your business in to the Cloud, then Microsoft Azure should be part of the solution. The company have invested significantly and continue to invest in the development, features, applications and platforms for Azure, making it one of the best cloud-based options available to businesses who want to benefit from this rapidly developing technology.

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