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We’re very proud of the people that work here Konnetix, and it’s always very exciting when we add a new member to our growing team. So, we’d like to introduce you to our latest arrival, Nyckie Denning.
Having grown up in Norfolk, Nyckie graduated from university with a degree in Post Production before going on to work as part of PC World’s technical team. Following a move into IT Managed Services five years ago, Nyckie now joins us as IT technician & IT Support desk manager, and we think she’s going to be a brilliant member of the team.

So, let’s meet her.

Q: Nyckie – first off, we’re going to need you to explain the fantastic spelling of your name.
A: There was a girl at school whose name was spelt the same as mine – Nikki – and I wanted to stand out from the crowd, so I changed it. 

Q: Well, that clears that up. So, where did your interest in technology and IT come from?
A: I was always a massive fan of computer games and different technologies when I was growing up, and my dad had a real interest in computers that certainly helped. So I sort of grew up around hard drives, circuit boards and half-built monitors, and I’ve always had a real passion for finding out how machines work. After university, it wasn’t long before I realised this was the industry I wanted a career in. 

Q: What experience have you gained in the industry up until this point?
A: Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to experience working with a host of different technologies, operating systems, hardware, software and working to certain standards to provide the highest level of support. I’ve worked with a number of different industries during my career so far, including recruitment, construction, retail, charities and others, and this has helped me continue to learn and improve.  

Q: What is it about the industry that drives you?
A: I’ve always loved working in IT because every day is different, posing new challenges and problems to solve. The excitement I feel when faced with a new challenge, and the satisfaction I get when solving an issue I haven’t encountered before, all help to keep me passionate about the industry. I’m a bit of a computer geek anyway, and this way I get to earn a living from my hobby and do it with a company well respected in the industry. 

Q: Without fishing for compliments, what excites you most about working with Konnetix? 
A: Ha, ha – to be honest, one of the most appealing aspects of Konnetix that attracted me to the company was the personal approach they have towards clients. Every person I’ve spoken to who has had an experience with Konnetix appears to know most of the team by name. I’ve always felt it’s important to really get to know a client’s business before working with them, and Konnetix have certainly made it clear that this is something they believe in as well. 

Q: Finally, tell us some things we wouldn’t know about you?
A: Ooh, exciting. Well, my favourite colour is green, I love Asian food, my other half is called Nick, meaning we are officially ‘The Nicks’ – thanks, Mum – and I have a rescue cat called Hugo, who is also a big fan of Asian food. I love to travel, and I’ve been able to see some amazing sights around the world; from Dubai to Africa, Europe to Brazil – where my Dad currently lives.