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We work with lots of companies in a variety of sectors who choose to implement remote working, but there is often concern over how this will actually work in practice and the costs involved for your business.

If you’re still waiting to take the leap into flexible and remote working for your business, there is a tool that can help. Microsoft Office 365 is a flexible and affordable tool that makes remote working a possibility for every business, regardless of size. Here are some of the key benefits that remote working could deliver for your business.

Lower overheads
The average employee office space is 150sqf and in shared-space environments, that figure increases to 230sqf. If you are a smaller business considering larger premises or just want to reduce your utility bills, Office 365 can save you money or prevent you having to increase office space unnecessarily.

Enhanced productivity
Not only is remote working known to increase staff motivation and therefore productivity, it can also save thousands of lost hours a month. Whether you lose working days due to illness, meetings, traffic or maybe your employees need to work from home in order to look after a child or wait for the new washing machine. Implementing remote working can ensure you don’t lose those hours as your staff can work from home or any other location.

Increasing staff retention and aiding recruitment
Happy workers are usually the best workers. Reports show that working from home can in many cases improve job satisfaction and, thus, loyalty. This will then help your business retain key talent as they are less likely to want to leave, saving you hefty recruitment bills. Also, you are making your company more attractive to candidates who might otherwise have declined the role due to location or flexible working needs.

Access business documents at anytime from anywhere
Imagine a work where all your employees need to work collaboratively is an internet connection. That’s what you get when all employees have a Microsoft Office 365 license. You will benefit from greater document sharing, collaboration and real-time editing; all of which ensure that documents and important files are not lost or overwritten.

A huge concern for businesses is how to maintain the security of documents and files when they are being accessed from laptops, tablets, computers that the business has no control over. Office 365 delivers the perfect cloud-based solution. It protects documents, networks, emails and much more by scanning for spam and malware constantly.

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