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Cortana leads the way for virtual assistants

You might be surprised to read that Microsoft’s clever virtual assistant tool, Cortana, is sitting head and shoulders above competition from Apple and Google.

So, why is Cortana so clever? The presentation that Microsoft gave at Build 2016 showed a distinctive change in focus for the organisation. More efforts now being applied to artificial intelligence and consumer-driven insight to develop and enhance services such as Cortana.

While Cortana is the last to join the party, Google’s digital assistant ‘Google Now’ and Apple’s Siri have all developed distinct personalities, yet none of the assistants are perfect.

Firstly, let’s talk availability. While Google Now and Siri have been available on smartphones for quite some time, Microsoft now brings Cortana to medium sized businesses from smartphones, tablets and PCs.

That’s a big leap ahead of Apple and Google, because neither of their virtual assistants are available on OS X or Chrome OS, the companies’ PC operating systems. Windows 10 has experienced a rapid take-up among users, especially businesses, which means Cortana is now on-hand and visible to a larger market.

The experience and use of Cortana doesn’t change depending on which device you are using. Thanks to Windows 10, regardless of brand or screen size, Cortana will work perfectly.

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