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Outsourcing your business IT support guarantees you receive the same benefits from using an in-house department without the additional expenditure. For an affordable monthly fee, we’ll customise a support package to your specific requirements.
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Our highly qualified cabling and project management team are able to deliver the highest standard and specification of infrastructure services to organisations of all sizes from schools to Blue Chip companies.
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Using the Cloud to manage and store data to ensure your business can make the most of top-of-the-range technologies, we can help your business avoid having to compromise on performance or security.
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Using our automated, secure, fast, simple online back-up solution, your business will continue to function in the event of any unexpected problems. We also offer clients advice on all aspects of disaster recovery planning.
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As a complete security solutions provider, our team can install and maintain a wide range of systems to protect your business from criminal damage. We also provide anti-virus, anti-malware and spyware protection, reducing downtime.

Latest News

Javascript-coded ransomware strain discovered
Researchers have discovered a brand new strain of ransomware unique due to the fact it is coded entirely in Javascript, vastly increasing the chances of it being activated. While the majority of executable program files trigger security warnings from Windows or require an administrator access to run, Javascript documents can slip into a system without being detected on many computers.

The new malware, named RAA, has been disguised as a document and immediately begins encrypting files when opened. The new approach sees victims sent emails that if opened on a Windows machine, use the system’s script host to run its code – something that is expected to trick many people into allowing the malware to infect their computer.

More traditional malware comes in executable programs such as an .exe or .bat file, which would automatically be screened and then blocked by the operating system. The new malware, though, goes undetected, with Windows allowing .js files to run on their systems – potentially opening up millions of people and businesses to the risk of being hacked.

After gaining entry, the ransomware then goes about encrypting the victim’s files before displaying a ransom note written in Russian, demanding a fee of £171 for the restoration of all the system’s files. This method has become increasingly popular with cyber criminals, with Microsoft coming out in April to reveal they had seen an increase in malware being spread to its systems using Javascript email attachments.

Measures to take

The most obvious method to protect yourself from attack is by taking the security measures available, utilising technologies such as anti-virus, web filtering and firewalls. Most ransomware is delivered via email, typically delivered via email opportunistically and the typical overall themes are shipping notices from delivery companies. The best way to avoid this type of malware is by not opening any unknown attachments from emails, particularly those with a .js extension.  

Your company should also have a secure back-up policy, although in order for a back-up to properly work, it needs to be “serialised”, with older versions of files available in case newer versions have been corrupted or encrypted. It’s also sensible to back-up your data in an offline environment, with most ransomware attempting to attack the network and connected devices. The final piece of advice to protect against malware is to restrict your employees’ privileges online, making it easier to monitor user activity.
To make sure your business is safe from cyber criminals and malware, call our team on 01462 417070, or email
The Pros and Cons of Moving your Business to the Cloud
Cloud computing has enabled huge leaps to be made in how efficiently businesses operate. The potential is enormous and immediate benefits are immensely useful, but as with anything new and cloud-based, it’s important to consider how appropriate the technology will be for your business.
The main benefits of moving your business to the Cloud come from cutting out the need for expensive infrastructure related to maintaining a server. Costs from data storage, software updates, data management, server maintenance and licensing fees can all be scrapped if you move to the storage in the sky. The Cloud can even come pay-as-you-go, with scalable payment models for the thrifty spenders. Cloud providers focus on advanced storage and powerful servers, leaving their users free to use their I.T budget for their projects and clients, rather than on technical infrastructure.
Various Cloud models are available, offering not just virtual storage but also virtual platforms for users to develop and use software made purely in the Cloud. Taking the virtual platforms and software options saves money on infrastructure associated with downloading and maintaining those elements in-house. Outsourcing the tools of the business can mean they are accessible from anywhere, potentially boosting productivity as multiple people on various devices can continue your projects on the fly. And if storm clouds do roll in and your virtual storage fails, back up servers will be there to carry the load and recover what was lost.
Now it may sound tempting, but there are a few factors to consider in this fast growing industry. The main concern for many business owners is security. Cloud storage has improved since the iCloud leaks of years gone by, but security is naturally still users’ main focus as all their data has been gathered in one place. Working to integrate Cloud services with a trusted IT partner is the safest way to move your business into the Cloud.
Having all that data connected across multiple devices and locations can make security difficult, so it is essential to check protocols for new or old employees being added or removed from the admission register. The interconnectivity and interdependency of Cloud data and servers can be a huge advantage but when trouble hits, it can be one of its biggest weaknesses, as one unmanaged machine can result in a leak.
If you do not currently work with an IT company or have a managed services contract, one approach could be to tread the line between local servers and the Cloud by only using the Cloud for expensive software. For example, using services like Salesforce for managing sales and customer relationships, or Office 365 for online access to Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools. Cloud storage services can serve as an effective means of backing up and/or sharing data.
At Konnetix, we provide a free health check for your business, which means our highly-skilled team are able to identify and suggest options that fit to your business and growth plans. The Cloud has a whole host of benefits that are delivering great results for businesses of different shapes and sizes.
For more information about the benefits of moving your business to the Cloud, call Konnetix on 01462 417070 or email on
Microsoft push cloud with new Dynamics 365 Software
Microsoft’s business apps in the cloud are about to become much easier to navigate. Five years after Microsoft unveiled Office 365, the company have announced the Dynamics 365, which will combine its sales and resource planning software into the same suite. The new layout will group together Microsoft’s cloud apps for businesses, such as marketing, operations, sales and service all into the same place.

In the latest of a string of developments that have taken place since Satya Nadella took over as Microsoft’s chief executive in early 2014, Dynamics 365 will revitalise the enterprise and cloud offerings and simplify it for those customers that have found aspects of the cloud sometimes confusing.

Microsoft are aiming to unify its cloud offerings to assist back-office functions such as human resources and financial management, otherwise known as enterprise resource planning—or ERP—with its sales tools, known as customer relationship management, or CRM. By combining the services, Microsoft are hoping to make it easier for companies to both buy and manage those apps.
“We’ve always had entries in these categories, but it’s really important and exciting to bring them together for a business perspective,” says Takeshi Numoto, a Vice President in Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise group. “In order to drive impact, businesses need to be able to modify and innovate on a range of products, not just in silos.”
Dynamics 365 will also feature Power BI and Cortana Intelligence, two other services aimed at predicting a number of functions for businesses; including when customers require specific products. The new system will also connect to Office 365, Microsoft’s web-based email, spread sheet, word-processing and presentation app.
For more information about Dynamics 365 and how it could help your business, call the team at Konnetix on 01462 417070 or email us at

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