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Outsourcing your business IT support guarantees you receive the same benefits from using an in-house department without the additional expenditure. For an affordable monthly fee, we’ll customise a support package to your specific requirements.
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Our highly qualified cabling and project management team are able to deliver the highest standard and specification of infrastructure services to organisations of all sizes from schools to Blue Chip companies.
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Using the Cloud to manage and store data to ensure your business can make the most of top-of-the-range technologies, we can help your business avoid having to compromise on performance or security.
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Back Up
Using our automated, secure, fast, simple online back-up solution, your business will continue to function in the event of any unexpected problems. We also offer clients advice on all aspects of disaster recovery planning.
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As a complete security solutions provider, our team can install and maintain a wide range of systems to protect your business from criminal damage. We also provide anti-virus, anti-malware and spyware protection, reducing downtime.

Latest News

How your employees can work from home
We work with lots of companies in a variety of sectors who choose to implement remote working, but there is often concern over how this will actually work in practice and the costs involved for your business.

If you’re still waiting to take the leap into flexible and remote working for your business, there is a tool that can help. Microsoft Office 365 is a flexible and affordable tool that makes remote working a possibility for every business, regardless of size. Here are some of the key benefits that remote working could deliver for your business.

Lower overheads
The average employee office space is 150sqf and in shared-space environments, that figure increases to 230sqf. If you are a smaller business considering larger premises or just want to reduce your utility bills, Office 365 can save you money or prevent you having to increase office space unnecessarily.

Enhanced productivity
Not only is remote working known to increase staff motivation and therefore productivity, it can also save thousands of lost hours a month. Whether you lose working days due to illness, meetings, traffic or maybe your employees need to work from home in order to look after a child or wait for the new washing machine. Implementing remote working can ensure you don’t lose those hours as your staff can work from home or any other location.

Increasing staff retention and aiding recruitment
Happy workers are usually the best workers. Reports show that working from home can in many cases improve job satisfaction and, thus, loyalty. This will then help your business retain key talent as they are less likely to want to leave, saving you hefty recruitment bills. Also, you are making your company more attractive to candidates who might otherwise have declined the role due to location or flexible working needs.

Access business documents at anytime from anywhere
Imagine a work where all your employees need to work collaboratively is an internet connection. That’s what you get when all employees have a Microsoft Office 365 license. You will benefit from greater document sharing, collaboration and real-time editing; all of which ensure that documents and important files are not lost or overwritten.

A huge concern for businesses is how to maintain the security of documents and files when they are being accessed from laptops, tablets, computers that the business has no control over. Office 365 delivers the perfect cloud-based solution. It protects documents, networks, emails and much more by scanning for spam and malware constantly.

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Meet Jason Busby
For us, IT service delivery is all about having the right people in our team. We work to recruit, train and develop only the best of the best. So we’d like to introduce you to the latest member of the Konnetix team, Jason Busby.

Having previously worked on an IT helpdesk supporting over 3,000 users with all manner of IT and hardware problems, Jason is a fast and effective problem solver. Receiving such a variety of enquiries has ensured Jason can think on his feet and be confident is diagnosing and fixing any faults.

Q: So where did your interest in technology and IT come from?

A: I think it started when I was quite young, actually. One Christmas my parents bought me an Amiga 1200 (probably now referred to as vintage computing!) and I just wouldn’t stop playing on it. I was fascinated by how it worked, but more importantly, what was going on inside. I definitely did not pull apart that computer to see what was going on, but it wasn’t long before I could!

Q: What experience have you gained in the industry up until this point?

A: I’ve really been fortunate in my career, I have stayed with my life-long passion and worked in IT. When you help to support over 3,000 users, it is the quickest way to learn about software, but also a huge lesson in problem-solving. Time really is money when you work in IT, and the longer it takes for you to solve a problem, the more money that is potentially lost by the customer. Working quickly with a keen eye for problem-solving are probably the top skills I’ve developed.

Q: What is it about the industry that drives you?

A: Every day is different. It is such a fast-moving sector with constant upgrades, new products and new techniques that you spend your career developing, and it’s this that really motivates me. I shouldn’t be admitting this, but I often find that I’ve been on the PC for the whole evening and then suddenly it’s time for bed. You can never get bored in this industry.

Q: Without fishing for compliments, what excites you most about working with Konnetix?

A: Previously I have solved problems remotely, and I’m really exciting to get out into the field and start to meet customers. I can tell from the short time I have been here that Konnetix are an IT company who continually strive to use the latest and best technologies available, and exposure to this is extremely exciting. 
Enterprise management starts at home
We believe in investing: Investing in our people, investing in our service delivery and investing in our support packages. We have recently recruited two additional team members to continue to deliver the high level of service that has given us such a revered reputation.

Enterprise management at Konnetix
The most recent investment we have made is in the way that we continue to support our clients. We have upgraded our Proactive Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) system and Professional Services Automation (PSA) by teaming up with Solar Winds N-Abel and Autotask.

A proactive approach
Solar Winds N-Abel is our new RMM software. But what does this mean for our customers? As an extremely proactive IT company, we needed the right software to support our approach to service delivery. We will remain extremely proactive and responsive for our customers by having:
  • Remote access
  • Remote control
  • Asset management
  • Proactive system monitoring and reporting
  • Troubleshooting
  • Patching
  • Automation in areas such as software deployment, AV and backups

There’s a clear motivation and focus for our team to deliver the best possible outcome regardless of the issue and this new software has an extremely powerful reporting function which links into Autotask, our new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

This gives our customers the chance to access the PSA ticketing platform to see calls logged, any work that has been carried out, the progress and results for the business and how much time is being spent on your IT needs. All of this can then be compared to the agreed times stated in the Service Level Agreement to give you complete peace of mind that your IT is being monitored and managed effectively.

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Boasting a combined total of 50 years’ experience in the industry, our highly-skilled and trained team are fully focused on delivering a friendly, committed and comprehensive IT service, tailor-made to your requirements.
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Work smarter from any location. As a certified Microsoft partner we’re able to deliver email synchronisation with Office 365 that allows your staff to do more, on any device, and increase productivity. You can manage access and remain in control.
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Specialising in professional service organisations:

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Konnetix limit downtime and make your IT investment work harder.
I would just like to say a big thank you to Darren and the whole of the Konnetix team for the help and understanding that I required to get my business started. I approached Konnetix after speaking to another business owner who had dealt with Konnetix for many years and had nothing but praise for their services, Darren took the time to understand my vision for the business and that the fact rapid growth would be essential so with this in mind we now have a fully scalable cloud IT...