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The Ultimate Multiple Device Security Solution
The business world looks a lot different now than it did just 10 years ago, with the digital and mobile age changing the entire landscape. Flexibility is now the key word in business, with companies now aware of the countless benefits of allowing workers to access their IT systems 24 hours a day, from wherever they are.

This has seen a rise in the use of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), with businesses all looking for the most effective way of managing their employees’ various mobile devices.

Remote working is now commonplace and businesses want a mobile device management system that can offer everything they’d have at the office, bar that faulty coffee machine.

Microsoft has delivered the ultimate solution. Enterprise Mobility Suite, also known as EMS, is capable of managing mobile devices, apps and all the other requirements of a mobile working world, including the vital aspect of security management.

Built combining various cloud solutions, EMS allows businesses to easily manage their employees’ mobile devices, apps, and the challenging user requirements that come with mobile working. Using Microsoft Azure for identity rights management, Microsoft Intune for mobile device and mobile application management, and also featuring Azure Rights Management for document and data security – this really is as comprehensive a management system as there is.

So, what difference will Microsoft’s EMS make to your business?

Anytime, anyplace: EMS allows employees to securely log onto their work network and access data, applications and software from almost any device with an internet connection. This gives your workforce more freedom, and arguably, mobile working improves productivity and business flexibility.

Data protection: Using a policy-based access control, systems are better protected, and any lost or stolen devices can be wiped immediately, whether they are iOS, Android or Windows devices. EMS also identifies threats before they can impact your business and data, allowing you to encrypt files so only certain users can access them.

Single-Sign-On: Providing individual users with their own identity that allows them to access their work systems from any device enhances productivity and also lessens the risk of attack. Multifactor authentication provides increased security through this user identity verification.

Simplicity: The biggest benefit of EMS is the simplicity of it. From the ease with which it is set-up, always being up-to-date and capable of allowing staff to access their work data – this is a complete and overall management system that delivers complete control from a single central location.

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