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Data Backup

Comprehensive managed backup service to safeguard your critical business data.

Your data is likely to be the most valuable asset to your business, and its safeguarding needs to be of paramount importance. Whether your business has a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, or backs up data on a day-to-day basis – Konnetix deliver reliable and flexible solutions.

Detailed Risk Assessment

The IT engineers at Konnetix will work with you to identify business-critical systems and any risks or threats to your IT infrastructure.

IT Recovery Plan

The IT engineers at Konnetix will work with you to identify business-critical systems and any risks or threats to your IT infrastructure.

IT Recovery

If disaster strikes, Konnetix will implement your business continuity and rapid IT recovery plans.

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Disaster Recovery With Konnetix

If you choose to work with Konnetix for your Disaster Recovery planning, we can include the following:

Detailed Risk Assessment

System analysts and engineers deliver a risk assessment and company impact analysis to identify the business functions that are imperative for business continuity. The IT systems that are needed to support these functions, and risks that threaten the systems, are fully analysed.

Working with you, the team will examine the likelihood of various disaster scenarios and the resulting impact on your business. This process exposes, in order of importance, the most likely threats to your IT systems.

You will receive a report based on the research and findings that will include methods for mitigating risk, any current IT improvements that need to be made, and how to ensure resilience against the identified threats.

IT Recovery Plan

This enables your business and any third parties to follow a precise script and step-by-step instructions. The risk assessment is used to help design structured processes and systems to mitigate IT risks to the business.

Resilience is achieved by assessing your access, communication and data systems and providing solutions to any current issues that would prevent a successful and rapid recovery. This could include hosting backup systems in the cloud, developing new backup processes, installing manual process options, and duplicating services that could be recovered using spare hardware.

Our plan is optimised for your business – in the event of a disaster – to recover as quickly as possible. This can often include manual processes that should be implemented during the recovery period.

Your IT Recovery

In the event of a disaster, Konnetix will work with you, remotely or on-site, while your business adjusts to operating using the continuity systems. Your rapid recovery plan is executed, and is designed to ensure that management and key stakeholders are informed at key stages in the recovery process.

Data loss can take many forms – hard drive failure, software issues, flooding, hacking, data corruption, accidental deletion, or even power failure. Konnetix use advanced data-recovery technology that fully supports your individual IT recovery plan.

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